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Warehouse Consultants in Kenya

Wherever you are in the World, warehousing problems are very similar. We often see challenges such as:

Existing Warehouse

  1. Lack of storage space
  2. High operational costs
  3. Poor service to customers
  4. Product damage
  5. Bad warehouse processes
  6. Bad warehouse layout

Often these can be very easy to fix and we are experienced in improving warehouse operations all over the World including Kenya of course.

New Warehouse

Many of our clients also need help with all of the decisions around new warehouses:

  1. Where to locate the warehouse for best overall cost and service outcomes.
  2. How large to build it?
  3. What storage solutions to use.
  4. What materials handling equipment to use.
  5. What systems to use.

It’s very easy for the inexperienced to end up with a new warehouse that is actually not the best design for the business! This just leads to extra cost and poor customer service.

Warehouse Consultant Services in Kenya

Logistics Bureau are able to assist businesses in Kenya with a wide range of support, including things such as:

Logistics Bureau has a team of specialist warehousing consultants to suit all your needs, such as:

  • Improving an existing warehouse
  • Testing the Cost / Benefit of different warehouse technologies
  • Detailed Warehouse and Materials Handling Design
  • Expert advice on Equipment Selection
  • Help with Supplier Negotiations
  • Project management support
  • Warehouse Process Design
  • Warehouse KPIs
  • Full distribution network design

If you would like to discuss your warehouse consulting support needs, feel free to contact us directly for a no obligation confidential talk.

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