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Joene (Jo) Baker joined Logistics Bureau Group on 1st March 2013 in the role of General Manager Education. Jo returns to the Logistics Bureau Group after a break of 10 years.

During the last 10 years, Jo has led the growth of the Logistics Association of Australia in the role of Executive Manager. Jo’s latest challenge, will be to head up the education division at Logistics Bureau Group. This provides both online and offline Supply Chain education with a focus on fast tracking member’s careers and business success, by leveraging the knowledge and experience of an expert faculty.

The education division includes such brands as Supply Chain Leaders Academy (an event based education program) and Supply Chain Secrets that delivers innovative online education services.

Additional brands that are close to being launched will be added to Logistics Bureau’s education division during the first half of 2013.

Rob O’Byrne, the founder and Group Managing Director of Logistics Bureau remarked:

“I’m so pleased that Jo has agreed to head up our new education services. I’ve followed her outstanding success at the LAA over the years, and Jo was my first (and only) choice for this new role. She is made for it. Jo was a key staff member at Logistics Bureau when we launched the business in 1997, and it’s great to have her back on the team”

Jo Baker said “I’m very sad to be leaving the LAA, but had reached the point where I really needed new challenges. And given my interest in training and mentoring this role seemed a perfect fit. I look forward to maintaining close ties with the LAA though and will remain an active supporter and promoter of the Association”

Ms Baker joined Logistics Bureau Group on 1st March 2013, and on 12th March launches the first of the Supply Chain School series of 2013 based in Sydney.


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