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Do you have gaps in your inventory management practices that cause stock-outs, overstocks or both?

All companies do!

Want to find out right now how good, or how bad, your inventory management practices might be?

It’s easy. Just take this simple assessment.

Every supply chain I’ve reviewed over the last 30 years has easy opportunities to improve inventory management practices.

That’s thousands of supply chains. From $20 million to $20 billion turnover.

This quick assessment will score your potential inventory management gaps in the following FIVE key areas:

  1. S&OP
  2. Inventory
  3. Demand planning
  4. Supply planning
  5. SLOBEX management

All you need to do is answer some easy multiple-choice questions and you’ll know if you have Inventory Management issues to tackle, or not.

And would you like to know the really good thing?

With the right inventory management practices in place, organisations can significantly improve customer service levels and reduce overstocks, all while optimising their inventory.

But many organisations don’t know where the gaps are that would allow them to achieve this outcome!

So let’s see if you might have an opportunity.

Just CLICK HERE to get started, and get your results right away.

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