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Inventory & Warehouse Management Consultants

Is Inventory Management one of the challenges of your business?

Are you struggling to keep your Inventory & Warehouse Management under control?

Do you have your Inventory & Supply Chain Planning under control? Logistics Bureau’s consultants are here to help!

One the fastest ways to reduce end to end Supply Chain costs, is to get your inventory (stock) under better control.

Inventory management is often one of the back waters of a business but getting it wrong can wreak havoc very quickly. If your company has some of these inventory control related symptoms, it might be time for an inventory management review:

  1. Too much working capital invested in inventory.
  2. Too much slow moving or obsolete inventory.
  3. Customer service failures and back orders due to lack of the correct inventory.
  4. Poor on shelf availability.
  5. Warehouses crammed to the rafters… with the wrong inventory.
  6. Lots of inter branch / warehouse transfers to get the right inventory in the right place.

If this sounds like your company, the good news is, that inventory control improvements can easily be made without resorting to a large investment in people and inventory management systems.

Want to have a Chat?

If these issues sound familiar, we can probably share some solutions with you.

Why not send through an email or book a free 1 on 1 ‘Advisory Call’ right now?   We’ll be happy to share our experience.  The advisory call goes like this in 4 simple steps:

  1. Review your current situation.
  2. Identify the main issue causing the problem.
  3. Map out a simple 3 step action plan for you to fix the problem.
  4. Leave you feeling clear about how you’ll resolve the problem.

You can book that call on the top right of this page.


Rapid – Remotely Delivered – Inventory Diagnostics 

In response to our clients needs during these challenging times, we have developed a range of specialised analyses to identify, quantify and help you get a plan to fix your inventory and supply chain planning related challenges.

Each service covers a specific aspect of supply chain planning and inventory management and can be undertaken independently or bundled together.  We take your data and using a data science approach we find actionable insights to help you reduce costs, increase service and improve process efficiency.

Our services have been specially designed to be delivered remotely, so we can help clients in any country.  And the good news is that they are all affordably priced.

1. Inventory Management Excellence Workshop:

Who is it for?  Executives who need a little help identifying and prioritising their supply chain inventory management challenges.

What you get?  Half day workshop after which you’ll receive a customised report detailing the results of the workshop and some recommendations on what to do next.

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If you have problems related to Inventory Management, but don’t know where to start, then our Inventory Management Excellence workshop is for you. In this half day online workshop, we guide your key stakeholders through our Inventory Management Excellence model covering the 20 most important aspects for good inventory management practice.  The session is not only educational, but through open discussion and a survey, we’ll collect feedback from each participant on their perception of your performance and capability.  At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive a report detailing all the responses and priorities.  This session will deepen your understanding of inventory management practice and help you develop your supply chain inventory strategy.

2. Inventory Diagnostic:

Who is it for?  Supply Chain Managers looking to understand their current inventory performance and are seeking opportunities to optimize their inventory (Typical benefit ~20%).

What you get?  A customised report detailing your ABC classifications, product availability, inventory health check and the results of your inventory optimisation analysis. The report also comes with recommendations on what to do next.

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Clients often ask us “Do we have the right amount of inventory?” and “How much inventory should we hold?”  We have developed a detailed Inventory Diagnostic report to answer these common questions. In it, we take a deep dive into your inventory data assessing your current inventory and service performance.  Our next step is to identify potential inventory optimisation opportunities by modelling your inventory across a full range of target service levels.  Our inventory diagnostic typically identifies an inventory reduction opportunity of ~20%.

3. Supply Chain Planning Process Assessment:

Who is it for?  Supply Chain Managers looking for an expert opinion on the quality of your current Supply Chain Planning Processes.

What you get?    Customised report detailing our observations, findings and recommendations for Supply Chain Planning Process Improvement.  This service also comes with monthly 1-1 coaching sessions for 3 months.

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How ‘good’ are you Supply Chain Planning processes?  In our Supply Chain Planning Process Assessment we’ll meet with your planning team to discuss, document and rate your current Supply Chain Planning Processes.    We’ll cover all processes (and sub processes) related to: Inventory, Demand, Supply Planning, KPIs and S&OP.    From this meeting, we’ll prepare a report detailing our observations and recommendations to help improve your Supply Chain Planning processes.  After delivering our findings, we’ll have monthly coaching sessions for the next 3 months to discuss your planning process improvement progress.

4. Forecasting Benchmark:

Who is it for?   Supply Chain and Demand Managers who ask themselves “How ‘good’ is our demand forecast?”

What you get?  A customised report comparing the quality of your forecast (accuracy, bias and nervousness) to the statistical forecasting results using at least 5 different forecasting methods.    (Typical benefit ~ 2 – 4% forecast accuracy improvement)

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How good is your demand forecast? Can we beat it?  In our Forecasting Benchmark analysis, we use your demand history to assess the ‘forecastability’ of your portfolio. We then simulate statistical forecasting, calculating 12 months of SKU forecasts using at least 5 different forecasting methods.  After comparing these results with your own forecast we’ll recommend a forecast benchmark method and accuracy for your business.

5. Material Flows Mapping:

Who is it for?   Executives looking to kick off an Inventory Management or Network Review.

What you get?  Customised report showing material flows and inventory holding throughout your entire warehouse network.

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Do you buy more inventory than you sell?  Are spending a lot on unnecessary inter-warehouse transfers? We often work with clients who haven’t seen their supply chain represented like this.  We take your inventory, sales, returns, purchase, distribution transactions to create a detailed report showing how inventory moves around your network.  A great first step in your Inventory Management or Network Review.

6. Inbound Deliveries Performance Report:

Who is it for?   Supply Chain Managers looking to enhance their Vendor Performance Management capabilities.

What you get?  Customised report showing your Inbound deliveries performance by Vendor with recommendations on what to do next.

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Do you measure your Vendor Performance? More often than not we find clients that do not.  We have developed the Inbound Deliveries Performance report to help with that.    In it, we categorise your vendors by spend and then measure their supply in full on time (SIFOT) performance.  This report can be used by your planning team to monitor actual lead times or alternatively can be utilized in your Supplier Relationship Management Process.

7. Customer Despatch Performance Report:

Who is it for?  Supply Chain Managers looking to start measuring their Customer DIFOT

What you get?   Customised report showing your dispatch performance all your customers but with additional focus on your most important customers.  The report also comes with some recommendations on what to do next.

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Are you new to measuring your DIFOT performance?  The Customer Despatch Performance Report is a deep dive into your dispatch history, identifying how well you’re servicing your important customers and where you need to focus your improvement efforts.

8. Safety Stock Optimisation:

Who is it for?   Supply Chain Managers looking to delve further into optimizing their inventory.

What you get?  A customized report quantifying the potential inventory reduction to be gained from reducing supply and/or demand variability.

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Did you know that to cover demand and supply variability, typically ~50% of inventory is needed just as safety stock?  Even though it is a significant investment, safety stock optimisation is overlooked.  How much inventory could be taken out of your supply chain if you reduced supply and demand variability? Our safety stock optimisation report answers this question.  We take a deep dive into your supply and demand order history to determine just how much inventory you could save by focusing on reducing variability.  We typically identify an inventory reduction opportunity of ~5 %.

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