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Fast Inventory Diagnostic

             In Just 2 weeks!

Fix Your Bad Inventory Levels FAST

“Guaranteed” – If you’re not delighted with the results, get a full refund!

Within 2 weeks, we can have you on your way to better Inventory Management which means MORE SALES and LOWER COSTS.

Our highly effective diagnostic was created in response to clients frequently asking us “How much inventory do we really need?” and “How do we get there?”. Using your inventory, master data and sales history, our analytics software will quickly;

  • Determine your ABC Pareto Analysis by COGs and demand frequency
  • Assess your Product Availability
  • Calculate your Inventory Ageing
  • Suggest your Stocking Strategies
  • Calculate your required Safety Stock and Cycle Stock
  • Model your optimal Inventory based on increasing target service levels and replenishment methods
  • Tell you exactly what you need to do to realise the significant benefits of optimising your inventory
Inventory Diagnostic

Typical Benefit: ~ 15% – 20% inventory optimisation.

Who is it for? Supply Chain Managers who are looking to understand their current inventory performance and are seeking opportunities to optimize their inventory.

What you get? A customised report detailing your ABC classifications, product availability, inventory health check and the results of your inventory optimisation analysis. The report also comes with recommendations on what to do next.

Do you need the answers to these questions “Do we have the right amount of inventory?” and “How much inventory should we hold?”  Then talk to us now.

We take a deep dive into your inventory data assessing your current inventory and service performance.

We can identify potential inventory optimisation opportunities by modelling your inventory across a full range of target service levels. Our inventory diagnostic typically identifies an inventory reduction opportunity of ~20%.

“Guaranteed” – If you’re not delighted with the results, get a full refund!

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