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Here at Logistics Bureau, we’re delighted that our blog is attracting so many followers, and that our posts inspire lots of healthy dialogue. Of course, along with our readable posts, you’ve probably spotted the occasional video—and you may even have noticed that we’ve been posting a few more of those lately.

That’s because we want to bring you even more insights into logistics and supply chain management, in a broader range of formats. After all, sometimes it’s nice to sit back, watch, and listen to the experts, without the extra effort of reading.

Like Videos? Visit Our Channel on YouTube

If you’ve already enjoyed some of the videos posted in our blog, then our upgraded YouTube channel should hold lots of appeal for you. We’ve collated all the videos we’ve ever produced into one place, so you’ll find a wealth of supply chain and logistics information, all packed into short videos that are easy to digest.

However, for even more value, we recommend that you become a subscriber to the channel? That way, you won’t miss any of the fresh new content that will be posted there on a regular basis—every Wednesday, to be precise.

Each week we’ll be releasing new videos to help you solve logistics problems in your company, or that of your employer, or to help you improve your knowledge and enhance your supply chain career prospects. Rob O’Byrne, Consultants from Logistics Bureau, and carefully selected guest experts will all be presenting short, sharp, and engaging videos on a range of subjects, including:

The topics listed above are just a sample of those to be covered, and of course, we welcome your suggestions or requests for videos you’d like to see.


More Ways to Learn with Logistics Bureau and Supply Chain Secrets

Wherever your supply chain interests lie, you’ll find insights to learn from, tips for improvement, and new ideas to inspire you, both here on the Logistics Bureau Blog and the Supply Chain Secrets YouTube channel, so we hope you’ll continue to be a regular visitor here, and to check in on YouTube each week for new videos.

“Fantastic video. Thank you.”

— Michael Krastin, YouTube viewer.


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