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How Benchmarking Can Boost Your Performance

Benchmarking – If you’re not doing it, you’re competitors probably are!

This Insightful Online Webinar will be a great fit if:

  • You’re concerned about the cost of your Supply Chain.
  • You’re not sure if your customer service performance is up to industry standards.
  • You need to know how well your Supply Chain performs compared to others in your sector.
  • You don’t really understand how Benchmarking can help.
  • You are serious about improving Supply Chain Performance.

Steven Thacker, a raving fan of performance benchmarking will be sharing his thoughts during this intriguing Online Webinar that may dispel some of your long held preconceived ideas about the whole topic of performance improvement.

As he shares some recent case studies I guarantee you will be ‘shocked’ at how some organisations have used Benchmarking to leap ahead of their competitors performance. And, I’ll be asking the ‘hard’ questions about the topic.

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Rob O’Byrne
Logistics Bureau




Steven Thacker
Benchmarking Success



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