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Hospital Supply Chain KPIs


I had the privilege today to speak at a Healthcare Supply Chain Conference.

I promised delegates that I would share some further information on my topic of ‘Does your Hospital Supply Chain Stack up’.

The focus of the presentation was really to encourage people to look at their Supply Chains from a different perspective, but we also looked at some KPIs and ‘opportunity’ areas.

So I’ll gradually add some further information here as promised.

We looked at some KPIs for Pharmaceutical companies.  And I shared the ‘results’ from the bottom 20% of our Benchmarking database.

If your performance is not ABOVE these figures, I’d suggest you have a problem!

Pharmaceutical Key Performance Indicators

And here are some Hospital KPIs, again showing the performance of the BOTTOM 20 % of performers.

Hospital Key Performance Indicators

Note: These are aggregate KPIs from each industry with a broad range of participants within the comparative ‘group’.   For our client Benchmarking studies, we jointly discuss who best to include in the comparative group, to provide a closer ‘apples v apples’ comparison.

(Our Benchmarking database contains almost 900 organisations across many industries)


Improvement Areas

And these were some areas of opportunity that I suggested are quite common:

  1. Inventory Management & Reporting
  2. Reusable items (rotables) … tracking
  3. Consignment stock usage & tracking
  4. Demand forecasting …
  5. PO Authorisation …
  6. Supplier and product base too broad?
  7. Performance Measurement … is it sufficient?
  8. Centralised purchasing?

More to follow…


P.S. Feel free to comment below.


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