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Yes, you can help us reach our next Charity Target… At zero cost to you!

Directly helping those in need is the ultimate ‘feel good’ 🙂

Many of you will know, that one of our core values here at Logistics Bureau is sharing what we have with those in need.  And we do this in Partnership with the B1G1 – Business for Good Program.

Helping Those in NeedBasically a proportion of our income is allocated to a vast range of worthy causes around the World.

Each time a client buys our products or services, we give on their behalf.  We even give on behalf of those who just give up their time to join us on a webinar or a seminar ….  Giving gets a bit addictive 🙂

But you can help directly to!

At Zero cost to you.   If you find the information we provide on this Blog, or indeed any of our web pages, of interest or value, just like or share it.  You’ll find buttons for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google + on most of our pages.  For each like or share, we’ll give on your behalf.  Either life saving fresh water for a person in need, or sight saving Vitamins.

I personally check the total likes and shares  each month and make the charity payments on your behalf.

You can check our progress here towards our next giving target.

Or…..You can make a very small giving payment yourself!   I’ve selected 4 of our favourite charities below.  You can be assured that 100% of your contribution goes directly to those in need….  I’ll change the 4 charities around over the coming months, so you can drop in to see if any new ones have appeared that might appeal to you.


Thank you to all our clients and friends whose patronage and support makes achieving these objectives possible!


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