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Some more awesome feedback from Supply Chain School members.

One of our members has a PhD in Supply Chain.  This is a ‘must watch’.

Hi my name is David, this is round 2 for me at Supply Chain School and I highly recommend it to anyone whether they are new to Supply Chain or an experienced professional. The content and the quality of the presenters are second to none and I already got a long list of take away, and I’m sure I’m going to be working with for a long time.

Lady: Thanks for asking me Rob, I really came to Supply Chain School to see that of the practitioner’s side. I’ve got a PhD in Strategic Supply Chain Management but that’s theory. What has absolutely stunned me is the way you presented the practitioners side of Supply Chain Management, in a way that it actually enhanced and expanded my knowledge and I just can’t recommend it highly enough! It’s an excellent school and the energy and the passion you put unto it makes it just a great place to come and learn, it’s a great learning environment. Thank you.

Adi: I’m here because I love this field and I just want to see more people like me and I’m just very glad I’ve got to meet people I did because I get to know the companies, their problems. And every year we meet and we meet thrice a year – three times a year and it’s great to know more about the industry and even outside of it.

Lady: As another added benefit with me you say is the networking, we could go to excellent networks and group.

Adi: It’s just been six days and we know each other really well.

Lady: Yeah, It’s fun!

Martin Kenrick: Hi my name is Martin Kenrick from Little Power Consulting. I just finished the 3rd module of the Supply Chain School – it’s sensational, applicable and a hard core level for people who have been to Supply Chain for a long time of in their career. In fact in the new in the industry it’s just a massive information that you can apply and immediately work and share with your colleagues and a lot of personal tools as well. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you.

If you’re not there, you are REALLY Missing Out!


PS. Click on the link below to find out what you’re missing:

Supply Chain School Plus


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