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Free Stuff

Hi and welcome to our ‘Free Stuff’ page. At the Logistics Bureau Group, our passion is helping people, and so I hope that you will find something useful on this page. There are free downloads, widgets, videos, events and lots more.

I’ve listed here all the ‘Free Stuff’ that many of our clients and industry friends have found useful over the years and also some ways to keep connected with us.

Watch this page as we will keep adding to it. For our Social Media links, just see the bottom of the page.


Supply Chain & Logistics Videos

We try to keep adding to our online library but we have over 200 videos on our YouTube Channel currently.
They cover a very broad range of Supply Chain and Logistics topics and have loads of useful tips.

Free Events

For many years we have been running free events for our clients and now the broader industry community.

These are breakfast events and half day events.

If you haven’t been along yet, you should! Thousands of industry executives have enjoyed these events and many have been coming for 10 years or more!

We share lots of interesting tips, case studies and insights and the networking is great too.

If you’re not a Supply Chain & Logistics guru, don’t worry. Many of our guests aren’t either, so it’s a great place to learn. Click the button bellow for more details and you can also register there to receive invitations.

Monthly Bulletins

Our Bulletins are emailed on a monthly basis and provide a range of information and opportunities, such as:

  • Relevant articles and guides and tips
  • Free downloads such as books and guides
  • Advance notification of upcoming events

Most of our clients and ‘friends’ are on the mailing list. If you have been missed out, my apologies. The best way to get on the mailing list, is to register interest for future events. That way you will get the Bulletins too.

Logistics Bureau Widgets

What the xxxxxx?

You know those handy little gizmos to help you calculate your mortgage payments? Many of the real estate websites have them.

Well… I thought we should have a few Supply Chain and Logistics type widgets.

Take a look. We’ll add more soon.

Let me know if there are any specific ones you’d like us to build.

Supply Chain Secrets Books

One of our greatest passions at Logistics Bureau, is sharing Supply Chain and Logistics knowledge, so that other people can benefit.

So one of the tasks I set myself, was to start a series of ‘easy to read’ books on Supply Chain. We started the task mid 2011 and by mid 2012 had finished 5 books! I’m taking a short break from writing but will be adding to the series very soon, with a couple more books commissioned by my publisher for 2013.

These books are available in all good book stores and online. The eBook versions come with lots of added bonuses (like videos and guides) that can be downloaded online along with the books. Click the button below to check out the series and I usually have a Free Chapter download on the site.

Our Supply Chain Secrets

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Supply Chain and Logistics, but in private?

No need to attend a school or college. Learn at your own pace.

And learn the stuff that really matters, not all the academic theory that you may never need to use.

Or maybe you have staff, that you would like to improve their knowledge?

That’s what Supply Chain Secrets is all about. Easy to understand knowledge, delivered weekly to your inbox. And based on my 35 years plus in Supply Chain and Logistics, working with hundreds of businesses, I’ll ‘spoon feed’ the information that I ‘know’ really counts.

Pop on over and have a look. And there’s loads of free information for you to pick up as well after you login.

Supply Chain Leaders Academy

But for those who like their learning face to face, Supply Chain Leaders Academy is the answer.

Run as a series of 2 day events, the topics, like Supply Chain Secrets above, will cover not only the basics of Supply Chain and Logistics, but also the ‘fast track’ tips and techniques that can only be learnt through years of experience.

There really is nothing like it… anywhere!

Supply Chain Leaders Academy will suit those who’ve been around for a while and want to learn some new tricks, but is perfect for those new to Supply Chain, as it will be an accelerated learning program… on steroids.

And some casual.

We’ll be there to work hard, not to impress ?.

At each event we have a mixture of presentations, workshops and break outs. Topics are delivered and facilitated by me, some of my Logistics Bureau specialists and a range of external experts as well.

And make sure at each event that we have an interesting ‘celebrity’ speaker too.

And I expect we’ll just be covering Supply Chain and Logistics topics! We’ll be covering other topics essential to your success. Curious? Jump on over to the website for more information.


Social Media Links

I almost forgot!

Do please stay connected with us, by whatever media is your favourite. That way you’ll hear about all the other cool stuff we’re sharing and you’ll also be able to give us feedback on what you’d like to see us provide.


Stay in Touch

Rob O’Byrne
Group Managing Director
Contact via my EA Rose at: +61 2 9037 4218 or Email

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