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Good News and Bad News

There’ll be lots of free training events again from Logistics Bureau during 2015. (see below)

But, not many of them will be live seminars.  The reason is quite simple.  I’m going to be way too busy this year to be ‘on the road’ too much.

Which is really disappointing because I love doing our live events around Australia and the broader region.

But I’ll outline what we will be providing in a moment.

OK so what is Rob and Logistics Bureau so busy with you might be wondering?

Well with this ‘to do’ list I need to be careful with my time this year:

  1. We’re looking at expansion plans for Logistics Bureau this year.
  2. We plan to launch a new consulting business later in the year, so that’s taking a bit of time.
  3. I’m in the final stages of developing another training business.
  4. I want to put some time and focus into developing our overseas businesses.
  5. I’m going to take 10 weeks away from the office to work on longer term business plans and services (between 2 of our Supply Chain Schools, just in case members are concerned)
  6. And most important of all, we have some major client projects underway that I want to stay involved with.  Because that’s what I enjoy doing most (apart from Supply Chain school)

So it’s a really exciting year for us all at Logistics Bureau Group.  But, I also want to make sure we look after all those people who enjoy our free training events and updates.

This will require a slightly different approach in 2015, to make sure we can reach you all.


Public Events

Our public events will be concentrated in two ways: Live Training Events (seminars) and Live Webinars.


Live Training Events

These probably won’t take place until later in the year due to other commitments, but you can expect to see invitations coming out in mid July.  If you are not already subscribed to receive invitations, you can do that right now, over on this page:


Live Webinars

To make up for having fewer seminars this year, I’ll make sure we ramp up our webinars.  This will probably suit many people anyway, as you can (A) save on the travel time and (B) get to gain the free training if the live seminars were not provided in your area.

So we’ll aim to do 4-6 webinars on a range of topics this year.


Here’s a sneak preview of the registration links for the first two Webinars!


Free Webinar: How to save up to 16% in Distribution Costs

For those involved in managing distribution, or just wanting to understand more about it, this training webinar will highlight some of the success secrets.

To grab your place, go to: Transport Routing


Free Webinar – Supply Chain Secrets ‘Knowledge Booster

Where the gaps in more traditional Supply Chain Education are and the organisational impact it causes.

So to reduce external consulting costs and fast track your own or your team’s Supply Chain Knowledge, you’ll want to join this webinar.

Registration and details are here: Knowledge Booster

The other webinars for 2015 are already in the planning stages, but if there are specific topics you would like to know more about, just let me know.

You can either comment below, or contact me directly.


P.S. Invitation only events (Executive Breakfasts, Lunches) and member only events (Supply Chain School and Member’s Webinars) will be unaffected.  Business as usual…


Contact Rob O'Byrne
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Rob O’Byrne
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Phone: +61 417 417 307
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