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How Good is Your Supply Chain?

There are FOUR clear levels of Supply Chain Performance.

Which Level are You?

It’s important to know what level you are at, and what level you want to be at!

2% – These are the top 2% of organisations in every industry, who not only provide the best customer service, but do so at nearly half the cost of their competitors. Yes, it’s possible. I can show you the results.

BIC 20% – These are the Best In Class. A term that is accepted to mean, they are in the top 20% in their industry in terms of cost and service.

Good Enough – These are the organisations that are ‘cruising’ . They don’t have any major Supply Chain problems, but are not market leaders either. Usually, they are missing a lot of easy improvement opportunities that could boost the bottom line.

Blissfully Unaware – These organisations are in a dangerous position. They really don’t measure their own performance well, and they have no idea if their performance is good or not. It’s a sad place to be in, because they are performing well below their potential.

These ‘levels’ apply equally to the individual functions in the Supply Chain. Warehousing, Transport, Inventory Management… Lots of missed opportunities.

If you want some guidance on your current performance, within any Supply Chain function, and what it could be, just book a call with me HERE It’s a 15-20 minute chat online.

Best Regards

Rob O’Byrne – CEO Logistics Bureau

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