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“You’re doing What?”

As you may know, we’ve been running Free Supply Chain and Logistics Seminars at Logistics Bureau since….I think it was 2001.

And now we’re reviewing our Seminar format again, to be trialled in November in Sydney and Melbourne.

But of course some things don’t change.  If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

Our guests will still get:

  1. Topics.   Great topics and really practical information that you can use in your organisation right now.
  2. Locations.  Quality and convenience in venue selection.
  3. Networking.  And of course great networking with the other guests.


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OK, so what’s new?

Two Types or ‘Styles’ of Seminar + Something VERY new

Recognising that everyone is interested in different topics and also the ‘depth’ of the topic, we’re splitting our seminars into two types.


General Events

Back to the ‘good ole days’.  These will the popular Logistics Bureau format of a few years ago.


Logistics Bureau General Events


  • Aimed at more ‘time poor’ senior guests who just want some great tips and networking.
  • More general Supply Chain, Logistics and General Business topics, rather than functional topics.
  • Short and sweet!  7:30 – 9:00 am.
  • And….a substantial plated hot breakfast to give you a good start to the day.
  • Seating will be quite limited.  (maybe only 30-40 guests)
  • City Centre locations.

At these general events there will be no ‘offers’ or ‘promotions’.


Special Events

These events are for those guests who want much more detailed information.


Logistics Bureau Special Events


  • Aimed at a broader audience.
  • Specialist ‘functionally focussed’ Supply Chain and Logistics topics.
  • More of a detailed education / training event.
  • Half day morning events, ending at midday.
  • Tea / coffee and snacks.
  • Lots of networking opportunities.
  • More Seating (often 80-100 guests)


At these events, given the more focussed and detailed topics, there may be opportunities to take up special offers or promotions that we run for our guests from time to time, to help you realise business and personal improvement much faster.


Just Register Here to get your invitations


PLUS – Live Online Streaming

A totally new concept for our events!

Join the event ‘live’ from your home or ‘office’.  In fact you could join us sitting in your PyRoseas at your breakfast table at home!

You will have the ‘live streaming’ option of registering for many of our events.

It’s rather like registering for a webinar.  Or, in fact more like watching a live TV Show.

Our camera crew will be at the event filming live, so that you can join the event online.

Whilst you won’t be able to take advantage of the great networking at the event, it will be ‘almost’ as good as being there.

You’ll see the speakers and Q&A live, and in fact you’ll be able to submit your own questions too.

We thought this would be a great option to offer, for those who cannot get to our events due to geography and distance.

If you don’t already get invitations for our events, you can register free on this link.


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