Transport Route Planning – Routing

Ever heard of the problem of the travelling salesman? If you know anything about the planning of delivery transport routes, you probably have. The problem is how to connect the dots in the most efficient way possible. In the world of transport, it means ensuring your fleet assets are used effectively.

Failing to do so will lead to not hitting service targets and losing control over costs. This is even more the case for multi drop operations.

Route Planning & Optimisation Detailed analysis can be carried out to ensure that transport fleet assets are used effectively, by testing a range of route planning and drop allocation scenarios.

Our consultants have routing experience ranging from bread and milk deliveries to ready mix concrete!

This route analysis approach can be used to test elements such as:

  • The impact of customer geography and order profile on transport cost and service.
  • The impact of varying transport delivery time windows.
  • The impact of changing vehicle types and sizes on utilisation and cost.
  • The impact of changing driver shift patterns.

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