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How to Finally Fix Your Inventory

And Improve your Service whilst Reducing Your Costs

OK, It’s Time for Change! 

For 23 years we have been helping businesses fix their Inventory and yet we are seeing the same issues appearing with many other businesses.

So we want to share some simple tips and guidelines that WILL help you improve.

This event will be lively, valuable and with lots of chances to ask questions. 

You’ll get great value from this Workshop if you:

  1. Have inventory availability problems. (Out of Stock & Lost Sales)
  2. Fluctuating levels of customer service. 
  3. Excess slow moving inventory. 
  4. Too much money tied up in inventory.

During this Workshop we’ll show you:

  • The 7 Sins of Bad Inventory Management.
  • Why 78% of Businesses struggle to manage their inventory well.
  • The top 5 Inventory Metrics you need to track.
  • A simple roadmap to improve the management of your inventory.
  • How you can be on the ‘right’ path within 3 weeks.

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