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Rob O’Byrne is revealing all the Logistics Bureau’s insider secrets based on over 30 years in Supply Chain and Logistics!

This long awaited and much needed series of ebooks will be rolling out from mid May. There are five books initially then more to come.

Supply Chain Secrets Books

Each book comes complete with a range of different free downloads (different for each book) that support the book topic. Presentation ‘movies’ that you can play on your PC, pdf guides that you can print out and lots more.

Supply Chain Secrets – The No. 1 Guide to Saving Your Business Millions. The International expert and author Rob O’Byrne gives his powerful and essential tips and insights based on over 1,200 client assignments across 22 countries. This book shows you how to find the greatest potential for massive savings and increased bottom line.

What is Supply Chain Management – Your Easy Step by Step Guide. If you know nothing about Supply Chain or are studying Supply Chain, this book will give you key insights into what all the key elements of a Supply Chain are, so that you can nod ‘knowingly’ when self confessed ‘experts’ are trying to baffle you!

Logistics Outsourcing Secrets – A Valuable Story of Logistics Outsourcing from Pain to Gain. If you’ve been involved in Logistics Outsourcing you’ll know only too well that disaster can easily strike the innocent and ill prepared! This book, written in an entertaining ‘novel’ style will give you all the tips and traps you need to make Logistics Outsourcing a valuable and rewarding experience! It’s based on the author’s involvement in over 100 Logistics Outsourcing assignments. “It doesn’t matter if you are the Logistics Services Provider, or the Client. If you want an outsourcing relationship with maximum gain and minimal pain, you must read this book”.

China Sourcing – A Story of Low Cost Country sourcing that proves size really doesn’t matter to success. The trend for Western countries in particular to ‘off-shore’ their production to lower cost countries such as China continues. But for those not experienced in the concept and the processes, there are many traps awaiting them. This book, written as an entertaining ‘Novel’ guides you to ensure that your venture into off-shoring is well prepared and rewarding. “Moving product sourcing to lower cost countries is a fact of life today for many businesses, not only to remain competitive, but to remain in business! If you are new to off shoring or have had some bad experiences in the past, you NEED to read this book”.

The 7 Supply Chain Keys – The 7 Things you must do to ensure Outstanding Supply Chain Performance. You may be new to Supply Chain or have been working in Supply Chain and Logistics for many years. Having worked with hundred of businesses across 22 countries, Rob has seen the same mistakes being made time and time again. You don’t need to make them. In this book he highlights seven key areas for you to make massive improvements in your Supply Chain. And none of it is Rocket Science! “Regardless of whether you are the CEO or the warehouse supervisor, these essentials will give you the tools to not only drive massive business improvement, but give you the knowledge to recognise Supply Chain BS from 100 metres when you see it”!


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