An Introduction to CROSS CULTURAL NEGOTIATION A 2-day interactive workshop based in Bangkok, Thailand


Are foreigners difficult to understand?? Are foreigners all the same? No they are not. Does yes mean yes or does it mean no? Problems are a problem when we don’t’ understand each other. Come and find out why.

This course will help increase your understanding of how foreigners think and do business – how to avoid misunderstandings. You can develop a positive relationship when negotiating with your foreign/ international clients and suppliers to achieve a successful outcome.

Learning Objectives

  • To learn about the method of principled negotiation
  • How to develop your own toolkit which you can apply and use effectively
  • To understand cross culture negotiation
  • To develop your practical negotiation skills

Who Should Attend

Management from all commercial and industrial sectors who want to sharpen their business negotiation skills for improved business results. These include:

  • Sales Managers / Executives
  • Purchasing or Procurement Directors / Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Outsourcing Manager, etc.
  • Company / Industry Representatives

(Note: All tuition will be conducted in English and Thai.)

Cross Cultural Negotiation Skills – Workshop Outline

Day 1 : Principle of Negotiation

Session 1 : Introduction

  • You can be a better negotiator.
  • What is cross culture negotiation and why it is important?

Session 2: The Principle of Negotiation

  • Positional Bargaining comparing with Principled Negotiation
  • Conflict management
  • The Heart of Negotiation

Session 3: The Negotiation Process

  • Planning / Preparation stage
  • Dealing stage
  • Checking / stage
  • Appraisal stage
  • The role of negotiation team

Session 4: Basic Structure of Negotiation

  • Time
  • Restriction
  • Information
  • Power

Session 5: Tactics and Style

  • Don’t be a victim of their dirty tricks.
  • Getting to know your own style

Session 6 : Case Study and Role Play

Day 2 : Cross Culture Negotiation

Session 7 : How culture affects a negotiation

  • Area foreigners difficult to understand
  • Area foreigners all the same
  • Does culture matter?
  • Why understanding different cultures is important?

Session 8 : Cross cultural competence

  • How to understand your foreign / international clients
  • Working with your international colleagues

Session 9 : The relationship journey

  • From conflict to co-creation

Session 10 : The practice of negotiations

  • The structure of negotiations
  • The objective of a negotiation
  • The structure of national and international cross culture negotiation

Session 11 : Cultural conclusions to remember

  • Who am I negotiating with?
  • Do we understand each other?
  • Does Yes mean Yes or does it mean No?

It may be necessary for reasons beyond control, to change the content and timing of the event, speaker or venue. Every effort will be made to inform the participants of the changes. The teaching methodology comprises participative lectures and is interactive in nature which will involve participation from attendees. So, notwithstanding the proposed outline above, the programme may not necessarily be conducted in exactly the same sequence or duration for each topic.

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