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Cost to Serve Webinar Replay

If You Only Do 1 Supply Chain ‘Thing’ – Make it This

And Improve your Service whilst Reducing Your Costs – Guaranteed!

Shocking Truth72% of Businesses Just Don’t Understand this well enough

And as a consequence their Supply Chains ‘leak’ profits and run at much higher cost, and up to 17% of their customers and products are loss makers! (and they don’t even realise)

You’ll get great value from this Webinar if you need to:

  1. Reduce Supply Chain costs.
  2. Improve business profitability.
  3. Identify low or negative margin products and customers.
  4. Improve customer service.
  5. Be better equipped in pricing negotiations.
  6. Set your Supply Chain on a clear path to increased competitiveness.

During this webinar we’ll show you:

  • What most businesses ‘miss’ in reporting Supply Chain performance.
  • The 5 biggest errors that lead to increased Supply Chain costs.
  • 2 simple techniques to reduce Distribution costs by up to 21%.
  • The top 5 ‘Cost to Serve’ Metrics you need to track.
  • A simple roadmap to improve service and reduce costs.
  • How you can be on the ‘right’ path in under 6 weeks.

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