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Change Management Consultants

A team that pulls in the same direction at the same time is UNSTOPPABLE!

In life and business I have noticed two things that never change.

1. Change is inevitable.

2. Change is always resisted!

People are human and tend to be emotionally invested in the way things are.

With good reason we are naturally fearful of breaking something that works, even if it’s not the best possible system.

Doing things the same old comfortable way is easy…

And figuring out what’s not working efficiently and taking steps to change it is hard!

The human element is the reason why effective Change Management is crucial when it comes to implementing changes that improve the efficiency of processes, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Meaningful, rather than merely superficial change only occurs when the entire team understands the reason for the changes and why they are important for the company and therefore becomes emotionally invested in the process of change.

Successful change management initiatives always takes into account and addresses the following phases:

  • Change readiness review
  • Gaining employee engagement
  • Reducing resistance to change
  • Linking to current inertia and momentum within the organisation
  • Gaining and celebrating early successes
  • Gaining sustainable traction and institutionalising the changes
  • Creating a culture where we always aim to improve the way we do things.

Driving significant and beneficial change within any business is always challenging.

At Logistics Bureau we have highly trained and experienced experts standing by to help you achieve the maximum level of success in implementing organisational change by

  • addressing any of the key phases of change management, depending on your current position and needs.
  • Providing specialist skills for a critical change initiative
  • Providing specialised change managers in the case that you lack the management manpower to implement your change strategy

Our change management specialists have experience across many businesses and industry sectors.

Our change management specialists will help you:

  • Smoothly manage the introduction of business changes
  • Identify new ways of improving business performance
  • Deliver improvements such as cost reduction, waste elimination, better throughput, accelerated R&D and supply-chain streamlining in tight timeframes

Solid Track Record

  • 26 years of experience
  • 2,000 projects completed
  • 25 countries
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