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Group MD Rob O’Byrne has just returned from the B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1) members tour of Cambodia. Logistics Bureau Group is a member of this ‘Business Giving’ organisation and gives a portion of business profits on behalf of all clients.

Rob had the following to say about the tour (that was self funded by members):

Until you go to Cambodia it’s easy to forget it’s troubled past and the plight of its people even today, particularly in rural areas. For example:

  1. 50% of the population is under 21.
  2. Only 5% of children have the chance to finish High School.
  3. Almost 20% of the population was exterminated by the Pol Pot regime.
  4. War with the remnants of Pol Pot’s forces only stopped as late as 1989.
  5. Parts of Cambodia (near the Thai Border) are still the most heavily mined areas in the World.
  6. Poor families cannot afford the basic expense of schooling (uniform and books) and often prefer to push children into work to help support the family.

We managed to visit a number of worthy causes that we have been actively supporting and were totally ‘blown away’ by a) the energy, dedication and enthusiasm of the NGOs and b) the optimism and thanks from those being assisted. It was also amazing to see how such small amounts of assistance could totally change lives. For example:


Solar lamp for Jen


B1G1 Charity Works


A solar lamp helps Jen 16 (left) do her homework after dark, and many other kids in her village come to her house where she now runs homework sessions. (the village has no electricity).

The lamp also allows her Mother to do more basket weaving to bring in more money to the family. (Her Father is deceased)

Jen hopes that finishing High School will allow her to get a good job, so that she in turn can ‘give back’ and help other kids in her village.


B1G1 Charity Works


Our tour team funded and built this play ground at this rural school.

The kids had never seen one before and climbed over all the equipment before the paint even dried!

And why is a playground so worthwhile?

Because it makes the kids want to keep coming to school!


Kids Play Ground


Kid's Playground in Cambodia


Rob finally remarked. This was certainly no holiday. It was ‘full on’ working visiting 2 or 3 worthy causes each day, and at times a very emotional roller coaster. But is was so rewarding to see the great work that is being done with our support. I’ll certainly be going again next year and will be taking other LB staff members along for the experience. B1G1 is not just about helping those in need, but also about experiencing the ‘joy’ of giving. A tour like this does that in spades and really is a life changing experience!

And thank you so much to all our wonderful clients. It’s your patronage that allows us to provide this support.

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