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“Hi this is Rob O’Byrne from Logistics Bureau Group and we’re just finishing off another series of our Supply Chain Secrets seminars. These are the free seminars that we run in Australia and sometimes around Southeast Asia. We’ve just finished our event here in Sydney overlooking the harbor and we’re back at the Harbour View hotel, which is a great venue. The sun is shining so I thought I’d come and tell you what we’ve been talking about.

At this series of events, we’ve been talking about three things. The Supply Chain challenges that a company typically face and we’ve been discussing that with the guests in these events, as well as sharing some of the findings of a recent survey. And then through case studies, we’re looking at how to actually meet some of these challenges, so Supply Chain Challenges is one. Then we looked at the knowledge gaps at Supply Chain. Your own knowledge gap and the knowledge gaps of your team, simple bits of knowledge and experience that could deliver huge benefits to Supply Chain or Logistics operations. And again with case studies we looked at different businesses across different industries about how for the sake of a little bit of knowledge in losing millions of dollars and how through very simple techniques they were able to get back on track, improve their service and reduce their cost. And finally, we looked at through 3 simple fixes – Supply Chain fixes, and I see this across all industries and companies, large and small, both here in Australia and overseas.

Really simple things that anyone can do in their own organisations. And you’ll find links to this techniques all the way through this blog but it quit simply strategy, looking at the business strategy, communicating across the different functions in their organisation and understanding what the Supply Chain and Logistics Operations have to deliver. Communication not just internally but with customers.

Through form of surveys, through talking with customers and trying to differentiate service to different customer groups not all customers want the same service and there are opportunities to improve service levels and reduce cost by understanding that much better. And to subject to communications, we also looked at KPIs – there’s some people out there wondering what we’re doing! We also looked at KPIs and we shared a fantastic measure called the Probability of the Perfect Order and again I’ll put a link to that in the blog and you can read all about that. So very simple techniques and approaches that can rip huge benefits in any Supply Chain or Logistics Operartions.

If you haven’t been come to our events yet, you’re really missing out – I’ll put a link below where you can sign up so you can get invitations in the future. And I look forward to seeing you soon.”

And here are those links:

To make sure you receive event invitations, just register here: Supply Chain and Logistics Seminars

To read more about KPIs and the ‘probability of a perfect order’, go here: Supply Chain Levers Part 5

To read more about Supply Chain Strategy, check this link: Supply Chain Strategy Guide

I hope to see you at one of our events soon.


P.S.  Here is our Supply Chain Events calendar.

Future topics.

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