Proven Tips in Elevating Logistics Performance


Every company in this field aims to enhance its business operations, especially its logistics performance.

Taking this step can elevate your business to another level.

Are you striving for the same?

If so, here are the 10 most common strategies that have truly helped boost logistics performance.

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In this video I shared 10 tips to boost your logistics performance. Because sometimes, trying it feels like juggling.

How have I picked those 10 tips? I get asked a lot by people, “What’s the right sort of thing to focus on to improve my logistics performance?” And these are probably the most common 10 that I can come up with. The 10 that really help boost performance!

And how do I know that? Well, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been consulting to companies all over the world for about 30 years now. And these are the 10 that seem to offer the most boost in performance.

I’m going to keep the best till last and right at the end, I’ll share some additional resources for you to help you get better results.

You might be doing some of these already, but I’m sure you’re going to find a couple of these tips useful.


Top 10 Tips for Boosting Logistics Performance


1. Inventory ManagementThere’s a lot of companies still not getting it right.

2. Transport Fleet Optimization If you’re running your own transport fleet, and if you’ve got more than about 6 vehicles, you ought to be using some sort of software to help optimize the use of that fleet.

3. Supply Chain Strategy – A lot  of companies still don’t have a documented supply chain strategy. It’s really important to get everybody on the same page.

4. Warehouse Design One of the things that people get wrong all of the time is they find the facility first or they find the land first before working out exactly what they need.

5. Logistics Outsourcing If you’re thinking of finding a new 3PL going to the market to find a new partner, one of the things you’re going to do is allow plenty of time to do that.

6. Freight Tendering Freight costs are going up all over the place. Very often, people want to go to the market to tender again and try to reduce their freight costs.

7. Performance Management How do you know if you’re performing well or not? Do you have the right KPIs in place?

8. Distribution Network Yes, lots of people still have problems with distribution networks, they tend to have grown up over time.

9. Sales and Operations PlanningI was going to say most companies have nailed this. They haven’t! Most companies think that they have.

10. Customer and Product Profitability I don’t want to scare you here but I have seen organizations with 78% of their customer orders making a loss.


For detailed information on each of these topics, watch the full video above.



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