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Supply Chain & Logistics Insights

High Service does not equate to High Costs!

Benchmarking Success (BMS) Director Steven Thacker has revealed some interesting insights from the BMS databases of over 800 supply chains. Traditional thinking would seem to agree that for an organisation to achieve the highest levels of service, supply chain costs...

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What is Cost to Serve – An Introduction

Have you ever wondered what Cost to Serve is?  Rob O'Byrne explains in an easy to understand way. "Here at Logistics Bureau, we’ve been conducting Cost to Serve Audits since 1997, and for companies that have never reviewed their CTS, it can deliver significant...

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What is Supply Chain about?

3 Key Things to Know In this Video, Rob O'Byrne from Logistics Bureau talks about the 3 key things you need to know about your Supply Chain. "What is supply chain about? For those who don’t know much about supply chain and logistics management, I would like to...

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Logistics Bureau Seals Deal with VINAFCO, Vietnam

Working through its Bangkok-based subsidiary, Logistics Bureau Asia, Logistics Bureau Pty Limited, has completed a deal with Vinafco Joint Stock Corporation of Hanoi to provide consultancy services in the fields of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The photograph...

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Order Picking

Order Picking is the productive operation in a warehouse operation. Any warehouse design exercise that doesn't include a rigorous approach to designing the processes and equipment layout for Order Picking, is suspect. When we Order Pick we are essentially...

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Third party warehousing contracts 3PL

Third Party Warehousing Contracts: Are you heading North or Rapidly South? As I sit at the Airport awaiting my flight, I ponder over the meeting I have just had with yet another company, who is dissatisfied with their Third Partly Logistics (3PL) service provider and...

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First Logistics Bureau Breakfast in Perth

Logistics Bureau held the first of its free breakfast seminars in Perth on 24th February. The event coincided with the opening of the Logistics Bureau's Perth office. These breakfast events are held regularly in Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City and now...

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Are you unhappy with your 3PL Contracts?

3PL Contracts - Are you Unhappy? Unhappy with your 3PL contractor? Many people are. There are some ideas on this Video that might help you with your 3PL relationships. "Hi, I’m Rob O’Byrne, group managing director of Logistics Bureau. I was sitting at the airport the...

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Logistics Bureau opens Perth Office

Logistics Bureau will open a Perth office early in 2010 and will mark the occasion by bringing their very popular free breakfast seminars to Western Australia. For a glimpse of past events and feedback see Supply Chain Logistics Seminars.aus You can also pre-register...

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