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Supply Chain and Logistics Blog

John Turner Joins Logistics Bureau

Prominent logistics and supply chain consultant John Turner has joined Logistics Bureau as its Melbourne partner and to head up its Victorian operations. Before becoming a consultant he served in the RAAF for 20 years where he added a master's degree in logistics...

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Christmas Logistics

GIVE ME TWO HOURS AND I'LL SAVE YOU Retailers and their suppliers still have time to save millions of dollars this Christmas by some easy do-it-yourself improvements to their sales and operations planning. According to Rob O'Byrne, a specialist in supply chain...

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Bread Supply Chain

Giving the world its daily bread is a tough logistics challenge Next time you enjoy a delicious slice of fresh-baked bread think of Maurice Sinclair! He has recently returned to Australia from an extensive tour of South-East Asia and of Europe where he has been...

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Thailand Retail Logistics

Backers of small stores aiming at wrong target, say experts Bangkok: Convenience chains are the main threat. by Boonsong Kositchotethana Politicians, authorities and many small Thai retailers are missing the point by claiming that hypermarket chains are driving...

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Thailand Logistics and the China WTO boom

Make money in Thailand while you train for China's WTO boom BANGKOK: Australian companies contemplating investing in China should seriously consider minimising their risk by first establishing a beachhead in Thailand, according to an Australian supply-chain expert,...

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Supply Chain Missing Links

Missing links in supply chains hold secret of next big cost savings Fine-tuning their supply chain could achieve up to 35 per cent reduction in total costs and give Australian manufacturers millions of dollars in financial benefits, according to Rob O'Byrne, managing...

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Pioneer and Thailand Logistics

Pioneer Thailand Pioneer, a Japanese electrical appliance maker which turned Thailand into a production centre for some products two years ago, will shift half its car-radio production in Thailand to its factory in China, "where labour is cheaper and tax is lower",...

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