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Make sure you do it – In This Life

A Lesson in not Putting Things Off... This week I had the chance to do the thing I love the most. Meeting people and sharing knowledge, so that together we can move closer towards our goals, whatever those might be. You see I was running our regular series of free...

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Creating Real Impact – Together

Yes, we can create real impact together. Anyone who knows me or Logistics Bureau will know that helping those in need is an integral part of what we do in our business day to day.  Many clients and friends have asked me how they can get involved too.  Well now you...

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Supply Chain Benchmarking – Christmas Sale

Why not start 2015 knowing exactly what your Supply Chain performance is?  AND: Where you need to improve. How far behind the rest of your industry you are. What the improvement will deliver, in terms of cost and service improvement....... Wouldn't that be a great way...

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