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Supply Chain & Logistics Insights

Seeking Professional Help

Sometimes we don't know that we need expert help and other times we know we need help but don't know who to ask! This happened to me this week... Yes, There's a lesson in this. As you may know I'm in training for a rather long walk.  In fact a walk of over 800...

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Supply Chain Education – The Options

How to Pick the Most Effective Option for Supply Chain Education Did you know that supply chains and wristwatches have two things in common? First, their overall purpose is simple. For a watch, it is to tell the time. For the organisation with the supply chain, it is...

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A Radical Plan for Your Business

This changes everything. Radically. It’s an event with a Master that doesn’t just enhance your business. It literally transforms it. It puts you and your business on a new path. It's a path that brings back meaning, purpose and passion right into the heart of your...

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Consultant Objectivity

How independent do you expect your Management Consultants to be?     Let me explain the background to this question... I've been in Management Consulting now since 1994.  And I have run my own consulting business since 1997, that has since developed into a...

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