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Supply Chain Benchmarking – Christmas Sale

Why not start 2015 knowing exactly what your Supply Chain performance is?  AND: Where you need to improve. How far behind the rest of your industry you are. What the improvement will deliver, in terms of cost and service improvement....... Wouldn't that be a great way...

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Supply Chain Groundhog Day

Does it feel like 'Ground Hog Day' for your Supply Chain?  Having worked in Supply Chain & Logistics for 35 plus years, the last 20 in consulting, it can certainly feel like Ground Hog day for me, if I let it. Every day I get to work with different companies and...

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3PL Evaluation and Selection

The 3PL Evaluation and Selection process was an important topic of discussion at our recent Supply Chain Secrets Free Seminars.     The subject of course was  Logistics Outsourcing.  (3PL - 3rd Party Logistics) Having been involved in 100+ Logistics...

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A Chance to Show Off?

Do you have an interesting Supply Chain site in Sydney to 'Show Off'? I'd love to hear about it... I'm always looking for interesting site visits for our Supply Chain Leaders Academy(based in Sydney) and I have to say we've been to some awesome sites over the last...

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