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Retail Supply Chain and Value Stream Thinking

Retail Value Streams in Distribution and the Supply Chain.  Retail Supply Chains need to be flexible and adapt to the needs of your product range. Rob O'Byrne explains in this Video the concept of value streams. "Over the years, I've been lucky enough to work with...

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Cost to Serve – An Introduction

Cost to Serve, Cost to Market In this Video, Rob O'Byrne of Logistics Bureau, talks about the principles of Cost to Serve in Logistics and the Supply Chain. Why do you need to know your Cost To Serve? Logistics Bureau's consultants have been conducting Cost To Serve...

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3PL Tips

In this Video, Mal Walker of Logistics Bureau provides some tips for Logistics Outsourcing (3PL). It's estimated that over 80% of companies globally now outsource some or all of their logistics activities, but outsourcing does not suit all companies and some...

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Warehouse Location Decisions

Warehouse Design Consultant Mal Walker of Logistics Bureau talks in this Video about key decisions in warehouse location. “Chief executive officers and supply chain executives typically ask two questions with respect to warehouse location decisions: 1. How many...

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Inventory Management – An Introduction

Mal Walker of Logistics Bureau gives a great Video Introduction to Inventory Management. How Much Inventory Should I Hold? "One of the principles of supply of goods to a market is that companies hold enough stock to satisfy customer demand, without holding too much....

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