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Supply Chain & Logistics Internships Available

We have 2 Internships available right now at Logistics Bureau... Internship 1 - Process Mapping & Writing   Internship 2 - Supply Chain Survey Development I'll be offering two or three internships here at my Consulting Firm Logistics Bureau. It's an 'in...

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Supply Chain Benchmarking – Christmas Sale

Why not start 2015 knowing exactly what your Supply Chain performance is?  AND: Where you need to improve. How far behind the rest of your industry you are. What the improvement will deliver, in terms of cost and service improvement....... Wouldn't that be a great way...

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Supply Chain Groundhog Day

Does it feel like 'Ground Hog Day' for your Supply Chain?  Having worked in Supply Chain & Logistics for 35 plus years, the last 20 in consulting, it can certainly feel like Ground Hog day for me, if I let it. Every day I get to work with different companies and...

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