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Freight Part 2 – Volume Leveraging

By John Cole In the last newsletter, we looked at how to identify two of the avenues to freight savings from my opportunity matrix. Now we’ll look at another three, again using real life examples found while working with clients... Volume Leveraging. You may think...

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Freight Part 1

By John Cole “I get carriers in here all the time and they can’t beat these rates.” I can’t tell you how many freight optimisation projects I’ve kicked off where those are the first words out of a transport manager’s mouth. Often they’re right, too: I can’t beat those...

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Playgrounds and Logistics ?

Playgrounds and Logistics... At some of our recent seminars, I have been telling our guests about the awesome organisation we have been partnering with, called B1G1 (Buy One Give One) I was really lucky to be able to go on the B1G1 Tour early in 2013 to visit some of...

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Logistics Outsourcing Tips

Logistics Outsourcing Tips - a video Not all business is good business. Rob O'Byrne explains that on both sides of the relationship, you need to take care. "You know one of the lessons I learned very early in is that not all business is good business.  Hi, this is Rob...

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New Logistics Bureau Blog

We won’t be adding any more content to this News page. Sorry. All our latest news, articles and tips can be found over at our New Logistics Bureau Blog. We’ll gradually be adding all our past material here, as well as lots more new stuff. You’ll find the categories...

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