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Transport Manager WA – Vacancy

I have a client, we'll call them Company X, who is looking for a National Transport Manager to be based in their WA remote site business. The company provides services to mining camps. Mainly in WA, but SA and Qld too. Perhaps you know someone who is a perfect fit for...

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Supply Chain and Logistics Glossary of Terms

Do you sometimes wonder what a particular Supply Chain and Logistics term or acronym means?  I do. Or maybe you just forget? Well, we have an online Supply Chain and Logistics Glossary right on this website. You can jump across to it right here:  Supply Chain &...

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1 Million target for New Years Eve B1G1

Thank you so much to all our wonderful consulting clients and supply chain school members. Through our relationship together we are fast approaching our 1st milestone of helping 1 million people in need! I reckon we'll make it by New Years Eve...  (Wrong!  We made it...

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