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Supply Chain Performance MeasurementOK, we’ve kept these KPIs under wraps for 20 years….   Only revealing them to our Benchmarking consulting clients.

But..You can now purchase a full set of essential Supply Chain KPIs online for your industry!

In 20 years of Benchmarking, we’ve never shared these before.

But these KPI reports for selected industries will help you identify gaps in your own Supply Chain performance, based on metrics from many other organisations in your industry.

There are 7 reports available so far:

  1. Pharmaceutical
  2. Food & Beverage (Ambient)
  3. Food & Beverage (Chilled/Frozen)
  4. Manufacturers
  5. FMCG
  6. Industrial Suppliers
  7. Distributors of Imported Goods

For more details, here’s the link.

What other KPIs would you like to see?

Comment below.



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