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Sobering facts to consider…

FACT #1: Achieving best in class service AND best in class cost is rare!

Research from our database of 833 supply chains suggests that only 2% of them operate at best in class service, coupled with best in class cost. We want to improve on this statistic.

FACT #2: Uncompetitive businesses fail!

The automotive industry is a perfect example: there are currently 67 brands worldwide, but 632 car brands no longer exist! Do you remember the Humber, Studebaker, Desoto, Edsel, Packard, Willys, Rambler or Oldsmobile? Gone… along with hundreds more! You certainly don’t want your business to suffer the same fate and we can help.

FACT #3: Benchmarking has proven to be the most powerful management tool!

A recent survey of senior company executives (by Bain & Company) showed that benchmarking was their number one most popular management reporting tool! But, why is it the most powerful management tool? Because benchmarking is, “…seen as a priority in achieving cost cutting in the business while at the same time improving service.” Hmmm… remember Fact #1?

Get Our Supply Chain Performance Report

Please ask yourself…
Do you know how your costs and service compares alongside your industry peers?
Are you competitive? How do you know?
Do you simply not know, or do you not WANT to know?
Is there empirical data available for your industry
so you CAN know?

The answer is YES!

We have empirical data available for you, right now!

Find our more and get YOUR business on the right track.

Download our valuable FREE Supply Chain Performance Report, today!

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