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Your ‘Fast’ Supply Chain Audit

  1. Is your Supply Chain Performing well? How do you know?
  2. What’s the average Supply Chain Performance in your industry?
  3. What’s the ‘Best in Class’ Supply Chain Performance in your industry?
  4. How well do you perform against your competitors?
  5. What areas of your Supply Chain offer the best opportunity for reduced costs?

If you CAN’T answer these questions you’re flying blind aren’t you?

If you’re serious about improving Supply Chain performance you need to be able to answer these questions.

And thankfully, we can do that for you. Easily.

But more on that in a moment.

Supply Chain Performance Audit

Logistics Performance RankLPI Ranking. I came across some interesting figures from the World Bank, that show the LPI (Logistics Performance Index) by Country for 2012. I’ve reduced the list to include countries in our region.

Most of us have a lot of catching up to do, don’t we?

But the good news is, that improving Supply Chain Performance can be one of the most effective ways to make a business more competive, and more profitable…

Let’s talk about some more performance measures …

Level 1 Supply Chain Metrics

When it comes to a more detailed level, with specific Supply Chain Metrics, how does your business stack up?

How far away from BIC (Best In Class) performance are you?

Do you actually use an Internationally accepted standard set of KPIs? This ensures that all comparisons are relevant and accurate.

At Logistics Bureau we’ve been Benchmarking Supply Chain Performance since 1997. And we now have 887 supply chains benchmarked, across a broad range of industries and countries. We even have our own Benchmarking Business, that’s part of the Logistics Bureau Group. It’s called Benchmarking Success.

We can offer you our Supply Chain Audit service that will enable you to know quite categorically:

  1. How does my Supply Chain perform in terms of cost and service?
  2. What are our key performance gaps & opportunities?

And what functions are covered by this Audit? Well the scope of the audit covers these:

  1. Management of the Supply Chain
  2. Procurement & Supply
  3. Inventory management
  4. Warehousing
  5. Transportation / Distribution
  6. Customer service, and
  7. Cost performance for functional supply chain elements

Here are some more examples of the graphical outputs from our Audits:

Supply Chain Cost Analysis

Perfect Order

This Supply Chain Cost analysis highlights the cost of the key functions within the business being audited.

These are then compared to the industry average, and the Best in Class.

How do you think your business might rank?

How do you measure your service performance? By DIFOT? (Delivery In Full On Time).

I hope you understand that DIFOT is only part of the picture.

You really need to use a measure that is cross functional and that also includes key elements that drive DIFOT performance.

The best measure we have found is the ‘Probability of a Perfect Order’. When you apply that measure you can see EXACTLY which functions are letting you down.

You suddenly have a measure that engages ALL key functions in achieving the same goal. And by accessing our performance database, you can also see precisely what Best In Class (BIC) performance looks like, and what your realistic goals should be.

Typical Benefits?

The typical benefits of carrying out an Audit like this, can be up to 23% savings in Supply Chain costs. Why? Because it gives you the precise focus and improvement targets to chase. You are no longer ‘flying blind’!

OK, and what do others think of this service? Here’s some examples:


… Benchmarking Success provides me with the information on what is happening in other industries with a similar customer base… Benchmarking Success has provided a great perspective to a wider Supply Chain environment that has really helped broaden my horizons and remove the Nestle blinkers



Benchmarking Success processes provide all the information about supply chain development and improvement I need… The process ensures I understand what others in my market are doing and how I compare…



Regular updates of the Supply Chain Audit Report tell me how my business is performing…



… Benchmarking Success provides me with a great view of where my business should be performing through external comparison…



… It was great having your support, the initial work setting strategy and the ongoing benchmarking were very effective in helping us achieve our goals… Benchmarking Success has been part of our supply chain improvement programme for some time. Their understanding of supply chain processes and practice is excellent… The process has been an integral part of our development and the understanding of how good we could be…



Following the Audit process has given National Starch Thailand an excellent insight into the effectiveness and competitive of our Supply Chain processes and operations. The support and advice of the Benchmarking Success team was invaluable in helping us navigate through the process and the improvement opportunities identified will help us in the next phase of our supply chain excellence journey

This Supply Chain Performance Audit can be delivered in as little as two weeks, and give you the direction and focus that you really need to start reducing costs and improving service.

And the price? Only $5,497 (+ GST in Australia)

It’s probably the best investment you could make in your Supply Chain.

For further information or to discuss your specific needs, just fill in the simple form above and we’ll be in touch very soon.



Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne
Email or +61 417 417 307




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