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Logistics top of mind as Thailand ‘mops up’

In the wake of Asia’s economic crisis and moves by the IMF to help Thailand stabilise its financial system, Thai companies are turning to logistics specialists to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Logistics Bureau Director Rob O’Byrne, who recently spoke at an Australian Thai Chamber of Commerce seminar in Bangkok, says logistics is becoming top of mind in Thailand as local companies attempt to head down the road to recovery.

Logistics Thailand

O’Byrne says he was surprised at the high level of interest in logistics within Thailand and noted that Thai companies were showing a more pro-active approach to business activities.

“Thailand is slowly climbing out of its slump, with the GDP forecasted to grow at three to four per cent over the next 12 months,” he says.

“And as Thai businesses focus more on productivity and efficiency, they are often looking overseas for advice and guidance.”

“Many companies that are part of large multinationals enjoy the benefits of transferring ‘best practices’ from other regions. Others who operate only in Thailand are faced with a greater challenge to remain competitive – often outsourcing non-core activities for best results. It is these companies that are turning to consultancies, like Logistics Bureau, who have international experience.”

Encouraged by an overwhelming response from Thai companies, Logistics Bureau – a Sydney-based management consultancy specialising in logistics and supply chain solutions – has established a permanent base in the region. Logistics Bureau is working alongside its Bangkok sister-company The Brooker Group – with both companies reaping the rewards from a renewed need for logistics expertise.

“We will start another assignment next week with a Thai national company looking at methods to increase its productivity as a means of creating capacity to cater for growth”, says O’Byrne.

“Such projects demonstrate that by efficient use of existing warehouse facilities, a company does not need to fund new facilities and assets to make way for growth. Using the existing assets more efficiently is the key.”

O’Byrne will speak at an American Thai Chamber of Commerce seminar in Bangkok on November 9th.



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