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It’s easy to fall into the trap.  I did…

The trap of just accepting things as they are.

Just running around in the treadmill like a captive Mouse.  ‘Same old, same old’.

Does it seem sometimes that you’re not moving forward professionally or personally?

Sometimes it just seems to hard to change doesn’t it?  Why is that?  Why do we go on accepting the status quo?  Sometimes for years.


What progress have you made towards your big plans?

Maybe career goals or personal goals?

Do those goals ever seem to get any closer, or is the ‘day to day’ grind holding you back?

I have to confess I was guilty of this myself.  For well over a decade. Not moving forward with my plans, my aspirations.  Just feeling stuck.

Then about 4 years ago, I went along to a business seminar.  I don’t know what attracted me to it really.  It was a full page advert in The Age newspaper, and it just struck a chord with me.  It was a real ‘eye opener’.

I was exposed to ideas and concepts that were just so fresh and inspirational.  It was so energising. It was actually a 3 day seminar, packed full of great information that I could use in my businesses right there and then.  I took over 40 pages of notes….

Since that event 4 years ago I now make time for ‘me’.  Because I don’t ever want to fall back into the trap of just coasting along.  I want to be pushed, inspired and re energised.  I want to hear new and fresh ideas.  And most of all, I want to maintain momentum.  Momentum towards those dreams and aspirations that no longer seem so far away and out of reach.  In fact many of them are now a reality….

So what’s the point of this, you might wonder.

It’s quite simple really.  One of my goals was always to help others get ‘unstuck’ and help them to achieve their own personal and professional goals.

If you’re feeling stuck too, check out this video!  (It’s under 2 minutes…)


If you want to come and join us and be part of this amazing and inspiring group, just contact me directly.

Or maybe you want to consider sending some of your team members?  One company sends 10!


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