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I Think We Might Know Each Other, If you’re on this page you’ve probably come to the right place.

You see at Logistics Bureau Group our passion is helping people just like you.

People who are looking for answers to improving their Supply Chain and Business Performance.

It’s what really gets us out of bed in the morning.

I guess you’d call us Supply Chain and Logistics ‘Nerds’

If you’re like many of our happy customers, you might recognise some of these traits:


  1. Working in a medium to large organisation (annual turnover of more than $250 million plus)
  2. Well educated and experienced, but perhaps missing a couple of vital pieces of Supply Chain ‘know how’
  3. Trying to reach some improvement goals, but you just lack the internal resources and experience to tackle it
  4. Sure that the business and Supply chain could perform at least 10% better, but you’re having a hard time convincing other senior executives
  5. Planning to undertake one of those ‘once in a career’ projects and are unsure of how to go about it
  6. Getting a bit frustrated, because with a bit of extra resource or guidance, you know your Supply Chain could be doing so much better

If that is starting to sound like you, maybe we should have a chat? Wouldn’t it be worth 10 minutes on the phone to find out if what you want to achieve is ‘doable’ and if there is a fast track way of getting to the result?

Send us your details and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less to set up a free intro-call.

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