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Who We Are at Logistics Bureau – Management Consultants

We help busy and frustrated Senior Executives boost their Supply Chain performance in terms of cost and service

Yes! Even in these Challenging timesOften it’s a question of just not having the time, the right resources, or specific experience to get traction on a really important business initiative. That’s where we can help on all three counts…

Logistics Bureau is a privately owned specialist management consulting company focused on the field of Supply Chain and Logistics. Yes, we’ve been helping our clients since before the term Supply Chain was even in common use! Our experienced team covers the Supply Chain end to end.

Logistics Bureau was established in 1997, and over the years has grown into a group of companies, mainly focused on Supply Chain and Logistics consulting, education and benchmarking. We first expanded outside Australia in 2000, opening offices in Bangkok, Thailand. Since that time, operations have now spread to Vietnam, and the Philippines. Although we work all over the World! 25 countries to date.

Why do our clients pick Us? Experience, track record, results, flexibility and our core values. We’d love to talk to you.

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Logistics Bureau History

Key milestones in our history include:


Logistics Bureau established. Management Consulting – Supply Chain


Logistics Bureau Asia established in Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. Management Consulting – Supply Chain


Benchmarking Success acquired. Performance Improvement Consulting – Supply Chain


Dawson Consulting acquired. Management Consulting – Supply Chain


*Virtual Done Well established. Business Process Outsourcing for SMEs


Supply Chain Leaders Academy established. Supply Chain Education and Development


Supply Chain Leaders Insights launched. An industry forum for the exchange of essential knowledge.


Supply Chain Leaders Boardroom launched. A Business Improvement coaching program for senior executives.

What Makes Us Tick

At Logistics Bureau, it’s all about the people.

Why we do what we do

We love helping people and organisations to better outcomes

What we do

We work with individuals and groups to overcome challenges and identify and realise opportunities for greater success.

How we do this

We share and apply our knowledge, experience and tools.

We collaborate with our client’s teams, to deliver quality, sustainable, and proven cost saving and service improving solutions in the end to end Supply Chain and associated areas.

Logistics Bureau – Our Vision

To be the ‘go to’ people for those who share our values, who need help to transform and achieve their Supply Chain and career goals.


Some Specific Goals (that we maintain)

  • Achieve and maintain a minimum of 65% repeat business
  • Achieve a minimum NPS of 50 (Net Promoter Score. 50 is very high)
  • Maintain a project payback of under 6 months (where cost saving is the goal)
  • Help 8 million people in need by Dec 2021 (reached May 2021) Now at 15 million

Our Values at Logistics Bureau


We always act morally and ethically.


Our client’s needs come first.


We act professionally and objectively.


We show respect to all and embrace diversity.


We support the well being of our business brands.


We are known for ‘going the extra mile.’


We share our knowledge to help others succeed.


Superior quality is at the heart of what we do.


We respect the time of others as precious.


We share our abundance with those in need.

Here’s 3 More Ways We can Help You!

Virtual Done Well

A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE we Founded and Fund.  *Virtual Done Well provides back office support to Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners to help them find more time, and grow their Businesses. It was established in an economically disadvantaged area in the Southern Philippines in late 2012. Whilst funded and mentored by Logistics Bureau’s executive team, it is 100% locally managed. It’s really a Social Enterprise that is proving highly successful.  Virtual Assistants – WebsiteVirtual  Assistants – YouTube Channel


Buy One Give One


HOW we manage our GIVING PROGRAM. **Central to our values at Logistics Bureau is helping people. Whilst we do this through our consulting and education programs, we also channel part of our income to those in need. This is done through the charity organisation Buy One Give One, which provides us with the tools to give directly to ‘audited’ worthy causes all over the world.

This is done as part of every transaction with our customers and they are sent a Giving Certificate to show which worthy cause benefited through their relationships with Logistics Bureau business. You can read about our giving progress here:

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