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Warehouse Space for Pyrmont Cares Inc.


Can You Help?

A small amount of warehouse space (150 square metres) required within 10 kms of Green Square in Sydney

Maybe you could add this to your CSR activities 🙂



Pyrmont Cares Incorporated (PCI) is a voluntary organisation that recycles furniture and whitegoods to those who have been recently housed. Typically these are victims of domestic violence, refugees, those discharged from rehab programs, detention and those leaving foster care. Pyrmont Cares Inc supplies all items free of charge except mattresses and beds where we pass on the charges of the recycling organisation.



PCI supplies about 800 items of whitegoods and furniture a year to approximately 120 different clients. They operate through 50 or so social and case workers within the geographic limits of the City of Sydney (C of S). The social/case workers are responsible for client liaison and need assessment. Eight hundred items of furniture equates to approximately 50 fully furnished apartments per year. PCI has been operating for 4 years and estimates it has completely furnished the equivalent of 160 apartments during that period and provided furniture to well over 500 clients in total!


Unique Aspects

  • PCI is the only agency in the C of S providing free furniture to those in need
  • PCI is the only agency supplying whitegoods and household electrical items free of charge
  • PCI is the only agency providing furniture and whitegoods in the C of S that receives no public funding
  • PCI is the only whitegoods and furniture provider operated entirely by volunteers.


Return on Operations

PCI’s operations reduce the amount of landfill required each year by over 50m3. PCI reduces the operating costs of the social work agencies we support. We calculate our return on donations to be over 217% and regard this calculation as conservative.


PCI Status and Finances

PCI is an Incorporated Association in NSW, a registered not for profit and charity with Deductible Gift Recipient Status. ABN 51 966 266 798
PCI does not receive any funding from city, state or federal governments. Annual operating costs are entirely met by sponsorship and fundraising. They employ no staff. It is an all volunteer organisation.


PCI Operations

PCI operates two vehicles and has 60+ active member/volunteers. PCI operates a recycling centre in Balmain of approximately 150 m2. All electrical goods are tagged and tested and all beds and mattresses are cleaned and sanitised before they are distributed.


Further information

PCI’s website is

For further information call Jon Simpson on 0406 420 624


Pyrmont Cares, Inc.


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