The 7 Supply Chain Sins Clinic

Live Clinic

Tuesday: 2nd December
8:00AM – 11:00AM AEST

North Sydney Harbourview, 17 Blue St
North Sydney 2060

FREE International Best Selling Ebook “Supply Chain Secrets” For each Attendee
With Rob O’Byrne from Logistics Bureau

You will be sent the Report “7 Ways to Supercharge Your Supply Chain” upon registration PLUS you will receive the International Best Selling Ebook “Supply Chain Secrets” upon Attending the event.

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The 7 Most Common Supply Chain ‘Sins’
Yes, everyone suffers from at least one of these. What are they? What’s the impact? Do you suffer from them? How to fix

Recognising there’s a Problem
Simple DIY techniques and Benchmarks that you can use to identify the specific issues in Your Supply Chain.

Practical ‘Real Life’ easy to understand Examples and Solutions
Solutions you can use now, based on 1,200 client projects across 23 countries.

A ‘Clinic’ Approach
Yes, Your Input. If you chose, you can confidentially send me questions or issues you would like addressed at this event, and I’ll do my best to include solutions for you specifically in the material that I’ll be sharing. We can even chat over a coffee at the end to resolve any outstanding questions you have. Just reply to the registration confirmation email with your questions.

Refer a Friend or Colleague
Just send the original email invitation to your friend or colleague and they too can register.

Further Information & Resources
Access to a vast pool of additional information and resources to help you improve your Supply Chain and your own performance

Networking and Sharing
Renowned as the best networking environment in the industry. Bring plenty of business cards.

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