A number of our guests at the recent free workshops on warehouse design, asked for Mal Walker’s ‘rules of thumb’ on warehouse design.

Warehouse Design

So here they are.

  • Ideal Land to Building ratio in lineal metres, 1.7:1–2:1
  • Building aspect ratio, 1.7:1 – 2:1
  • Ideal Warehouse Height at Springing Line 9.5-10.5 metres
  • Pallet per Sq metre ratio 1 – 1.2 (conventional storage racking)
  • Approx 20 to 25% of warehouse floor should be left for non storage operations e.g. receiving, dispatching staging
  • Truck turning space 30-40 metres


  • Always plan for driver side reversing
  • Do not crimp aisles for sake of a few extra bays of storage
  • Avoid funnels

I’m sure if you have any other questions, Mal would be glad to help you.

Thanks for coming along to our event.

Rob O'Byrne
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