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Reducing Transportation fleet costs and improving transport service is not hard if you just know how…

Effective and efficient fleet management is critical to most Supply Chains. Transport in all its forms and modes, be it inbound from suppliers or outbound to customers has a significant cost and service impact.
Fleet Management
Getting it right is vitally important.

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Logistics Bureau’s Transport Consulting services in this area include:


Transport Fleet Size and Mix Design

Working from the bottom up, our fleet consultants can determine the optimum transport fleet requirements, whether for an in house or outsourced fleet.  Our transport experience has covered high street deliveries to bulk coal transport fleets.

Key aspects of this work can include:

  1. Quantifying the transport task.
  2. Understanding the range of equipment that could be applied to the task.
  3. Building capacity and utilisation models.
  4. Developing detailed cost models including, equipment costs, overhead costs, labour costs, fuel costs, maintenance costs etc.
  5. Providing options with cost / benefit and risk analysis.
  6. Developing ownership options.


Transport Route Planning – Routing

The accurate planning of delivery transport routes is essential if service targets are to be maintained and costs controlled.  This is even more important for multi drop operations.

Route Planning & Optimisation Detailed analysis can be carried out to ensure that transport fleet assets are used effectively, by testing a range of route planning and drop allocation scenarios.

Our consultants have routing experience ranging from bread and milk deliveries to ready mix concrete!

This route analysis approach can be used to test elements such as:

  1. The impact of customer geography and order profile on transport cost and service.
  2. The impact of varying transport delivery time windows.
  3. The impact of changing vehicle types and sizes on utilisation and cost.
  4. The impact of changing driver shift patterns.


Transport Asset Ownership Options

As well as designing the optimum transport fleet for any given business or transport task, Logistics Bureau’s transport consultants can also test a range of ownership options. Depending on the task at hand and the dynamics of the business, an in-house, outsourced or hybrid fleet might be the answer.

Transport OwnershipFor example by taking a very simple view, where the transport task is routine, with consistent demand, and drives high utilisation of the transport fleet, an inhouse fleet may offer advantages.

Whereas a highly variable demand in terms of volume and drop location, may sway the decision to an outsourced fleet.

However complex the transport task, Logistics Bureau’s transport consultants can assist.

To discuss any of these transport related services and initiatives, feel free to make direct contact with the following Logistics Bureau staff:


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