Have you seen the statistics on gender mix within the supply chain workforce?  They have not changed in years.   About 80% of the workforce is male.
Australian Logistics Workforce Trends

So on the one hand we are finding is hard to attract and retain quality staff and on the other, not enough females regard Supply Chain & Logistics as a worthwhile career.

What can we do to address this?  I’d suggest a greater focus on:

  1. Highlighting the long term career potential within the industry.  Only last week, Mark Powell the CEO of the Warehouse NZ was presenting at Supply Chain School.  And he comes from a Supply Chain background.
  2. Showcasing our female leaders in Supply Chain.  Again, recent speakers at Supply Chain School have included Madonna McLaughlin from Pfizer and Megan Sunderland from Red Bull, who both gave outstanding presentations.
  3. Engaging with younger people, early on in their career decision process.  Organisations such as the LAA have put a lot of effort into this.
  4. Making the early stages of a Supply Chain career more interesting and varied, perhaps by rotating roles around within the organisation.

Age.  To compound the problem, we’re all getting old in this industry!  Again, recent statistics show that 47% of people in our industry are 45 years or older!  For those in the transport sector, you’ll know that this is even higher.

Logistics Workers Age

Given the predicted increase in the road freight task (see chart below) how will we cope with the shortage of heavy vehicle drivers?

What are you doing now, to manage that potential shortfall?

Australian Road Freight Task


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