Third Party (3PL) Logistics - Consulting
Supply Chain & Logistics Project Examples

  • Freight forwarders
  • Transport companies
  • Warehousing companies
  • Integrated Logistics & Supply Chain companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Parcel carriers
  • Ocean carriers
  • Postal services

Logistics Bureau has assisted Third Party Logistics companies (3PLs) for many years with a broad range of services.  Whilst our 3PL customers are probably amongst the best in terms of Supply Chain and Logistics expertise, even the experts need help sometimes!

We are very proud and privileged to count amongst our customers some of the leading organisations in the this sector. LB Customers

Here are some examples of the type of support we provide to the Logistics Services sector.

Examples of Projects:

Strategy - Third Party (3PL) Logistics

  • Capability evaluation
  • Business development market research
  • Business development strategy planning
  • Market entry strategy development
  • National, Regional and Global supply chain network optimisation
  • Service improvement strategies
  • Evaluation of in-house v distributor network structures

Tactics - Third Party (3PL) Logistics

  • Response assistance for 3PL tenders
  • Evaluation and selection of IT systems
  • Facility location analysis & selection

Operations - Third Party (3PL) Logistics

  • Facility design
  • Facility process improvement
  • Contract performance improvement
  • Business development training
  • DC staff training

Optimisation - Third Party (3PL) Logistics

  • Cost To Serve modeling of multi–user facilities
  • Cost v service trade–off analysis
  • DC location strategy modeling
  • DC process audits
  • Channel cost to serve analysis
  • Activity based cost modeling of multi contract facilities

Execution - Third Party (3PL) Logistics

  • Implementation assistance for new contracts
  • Interim contract/facility management
  • Systems implementation

Training - Third Party (3PL) Logistics

  • Supply Chain & Logistics theory and terminology
  • What customers want - hitting the hot buttons
  • Structuring a services offer
  • Warehouse design
  • Warehouse process improvement

For further information regarding our works in the Third Party (3PL) Logistics industry sector, feel free to make direct contact with the following Logistics Bureau staff:


Sydney - David Riddle

David Riddle

Tel: +61 417 486 166


Melbourne - John Cole

John Cole

Tel + 61 411 706 726


SE Asia - Colin Airdrie

Colin Airdrie

Tel: +66 819 464 490