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What is an Isochrone?  An isochrone is rather like a contour line on a map, that joins points of equal height above sea level. Is this case, it highlights customers a set distance or time from the DC or factory.

Our isochrone mapping plots customers based on the travel time or travel distance from the DC that services them.

This technique is invaluable in testing different service lead times and what service levels are really achievable.

Why do it?  Isochrone mapping can be used to:

  1. Test different service lead times
  2. Group customers to logical service locations
  3. Assess service options for different regions
  4. Indicate the number of service locations required for given service levels


These Supply Chain Map services can be provided for any region globally and can even be provided via the Internet.

For further details on our mapping and modeling services, feel free to contact with the following Logistics Bureau staff:

Rob O'Byrne
Sydney - Rob O'Byrne +61 417 417 307
John Cole
Melbourne - John Cole +61 411 706 726
Colin Airdrie
Thailand - Colin Airdrie +66 (81946) 4490

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