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Our goals in supply chain synchronisation are often to ensure that supply chains are aligned and connected, improving effectiveness and visibility for all stakeholders.

Typical aspects can include:

  • Alignment of internal logistics functions with service targets
  • Alignment of internal logistics functions with cost targets
  • Alignment of customer needs to supply chain responsiveness
  • Alignment of IT infrastructure to support SC activity
  • Alignment of customer demand to supply
  • Improved Sales and Operations Planning
  • Improved collaborative opportunities

If required, we are also able to provide Market Research Services

Examples of this type of work are: International Airline – Inflight Services (IFS).

A review that initially started out with a focus on improved purchasing processes, then extended into an end to end Supply Chain Audit of the IFS Supply Chain.

The unexpected outcome, was the Outsourcing of the day to day Supply Chain activities, from purchasing through to product delivery, including Inventory Management and global deployment. Significant bottom line savings were achieved, with one of the shortest project paybacks we have ever experienced.

Major Fashion Retailer

The scope of this project stretched from manufacturers in China right the way through to the company’s retail stores. With many fashion seasons to plan for, and increasing levels of mark downs at the end of each season, it was vital to understand what opportunities existed to improve and better align the Supply Chain. This project also involved aspects of Cost to Serve and Time to Serve, both so important in the Retail Sector.

Solid Track Record

  • 20 years of experience
  • 1,400 projects completed
  • Across most industries
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