Attracting and retaining good people is hard these days.  Career patterns are changing and the current trend amongst Gen Y’ers in particular seems to be ‘learn as much as possible’, then move on to a more senior position.

Future Supply Chain Managers

How will you attract and retain future Supply Chain Managers?

I was involved in a very interesting discussion today in Australia, that centred around the emerging workforce trends and strategies that could be adopted to meet these challenges. So here’s a quick summary:

Workforce Trends

  1. In some sectors there is a move to the mining sector due to the attraction of great pay, leaving a shortage elsewhere.
  2. Gen Y’ers tending not to stay long.
  3. This creates a challenge in how much to invest in training?
  4. Very high churn rate of staff in retail.
  5. Supply Chain and Logistics jobs are not perceived as attractive, especially to women.
  6. And in Australia in particular, the Logistics industry workforce is ageing fast, with little new ‘blood’ coming in.  The transport sector is the hardest hit!

So what strategies can be used to attract and retain good people or do we merely just accept that staff turnover will be high and plan accordingly? Don’t invest too much in training and development and for succession planning, just hire in new people?

Here are some strategies that were discussed:


  1. More promotion of Supply Chain and Logistics as a worthwhile and rewarding industry.
  2. Expand graduate programs to attract bright people.
  3. Sponsor more overseas staff, where it was hard to fill roles locally.
  4. Promote and provide, longer term benefits and opportunities to potential new hires.

It’s a tricky problem isn’t it?  What are your thoughts?


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