A Supply Chain Conference with a difference!   In fact many differences…

20+ Supply Chain Experts from across the industry.  Yours for the day.  Teaching, coaching and Q&A in small groups. 

All your burning questions can be asked, and even find out those you didn’t know to ask!

Supply Chain Leaders Insights

Who know how when you go to a traditional Supply Chain Conference, you can sometimes be left wanting?

The content might have been great, but often there isn’t time for the speakers to get into the detail and there certainly isn’t much chance for you to ask your specific questions of the speakers.

Or maybe like many people you just don’t like asking questions in front of a huge audience?

Supply Chain Coaching

Supply Chain Coaching

So what if you could get high calibre industry experts in a small group, to share their experience with you, provide some great tips and answer all your burning questions.  Now that would be a Supply Chain Conference with a difference wouldn’t it?

Well that’s exactly what Supply Chain Leaders Insights is.





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20+ Supply Chain Experts

20+ Supply Chain Experts

You’ll be able to select from a series of 1 hour sessions with over 20 industry experts.

Topics will cover everything from procurement, contracting, warehousing, transport, outsourcing, systems, safety.  We have all the bases covered.

You pick who you want to hear from.  And each round table session will be a blend of teaching, coaching and Q&A.




Supply Chain Conference

Teaching, Sharing, Q&A

You can even move around mid session if you’ve gained enough.

Tickets are only $87 for the whole day, including morning and afternoon tea and lunch!  (Even less if you have a promo code from one of our Experts)

In fact I’ll give you a promo code to use right now.  LBBLOG

Use that code and your ticket will only be $47!

And all the proceeds from ticket sales are going to charity!

Now that really is a Supply Chain Conference with a difference.



You can see all the details and grab a ticket right now at www.supplychainleadersinsights.com.au

And block out your diary:  17th October 2017 in Melbourne and 19th October 2017 in Sydney.

How can we do this you ask?

Indeed you might well ask.  Ticket prices are very low as we want as many people as possible to be able to access this event.  Proceeds of ticket sales will be going to charity.  So how can we afford this event, in a great venue, complete with catering?

Our guest experts are being so supportive of this new style of ‘teaching and sharing’ event, that they are helping to fund the expense of the event.  And no it’s not a free for all, where the expert with the biggest cheque book gets a place!  We are hand picking the Experts, by invitation only, to provide our guests with the best possible knowledge building experience.

Who is this Event aimed at?

Whilst the event will be of great value to anyone working within the Supply Chain field, those who’ll gain the greatest benefit are likely to be Managers at all levels, with specific functional or cross functional responsibility in areas such as:

  1. Supply Chain
  2. Logistics
  3. Distribution
  4. Transport
  5. IT Systems
  6. HR
  7. Contracting
  8. Outsourcing
  9. Procurement

We’ll probably book out well ahead of the event, so I’d advise getting tickets early.  Here’s that booking link again: www.supplychainleadersinsights.com.au   And the promo code is LBBLOG

I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

I’ll be the MC on the day.


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