Retail and Supplier alignment

With the changes to the retail environment driven in part by retail strategy it is important to align suppliers operations to meet these retail strategic changes. Areas such as Factory gate pricing, primary freight strategies and point of sale technology all have major ramifications to a suppliers supply chain.

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Some examples of our services in this area include:

  1. Assessment of the impact of primary freight initiative on transport, warehouse and inventory operations including:
    • Delivery profile
    • Line haul profile
    • Distribution Centre design
    • Inventory levels
    • Lead times
    • Impact of both primary freight and FGP on a suppliers sales and operations planning systems such as Forecasting and demand planning.
    • Assessment of the impact of primary freight on manufacturing operations
  2. Assessment of primary freight impact on a suppliers supply arrangement
  3. Assessment of the impact of Factory gate pricing (FGP) initiative on transport, warehouse and inventory operations
  4. Assessment of the impact of FGP on manufacturing operations
  5. Assessment of FGP impact on a suppliers supply arrangement
  6. Assessment of changes to point of sale technology such as the introduction of roll cages, RFID, self check out and self scanning on:
    • Warehouse design
    • Transport requirements
    • IT management systems
    • Product tracking
    • Replenishment
    • Supply-retail flows

For more information about these services, feel free to make direct contact with the following Logistics Bureau staff:

Retailer & Supplier Alignment Consultants

Rob O'Byrne
Australia - Rob O'Byrne
+61 417 417 307
Colin Airdrie
SE Asia - Colin Airdrie
+66 819 464 490
Simon Jessamine
Perth - Simon Jessamine
+61 411 726 767
Kieran Hogan
Brisbane - Kieran Hogan
+61 418 446 134
Chris Garshagen
Melbourne - Chris Garshagen
+61 412 566 544

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