Regional Planning

Our work in this area is focused on ensuring that regional planning initiatives are linked to the commercial needs of Industry. We link economic and commercial development initiatives.

Here, you can see the range of our customers in Government and Non Government organisations that we have assisted.

This regional planning work may often involve:

  • Creating balanced development proposals that are commercially sustainable
  • The identification of economic benefits to various regions
  • The identification of various commercial benefits to various organisations
  • The alignment of economic and commercial activity
  • Targeted development spending

For more information about these services, feel free to make direct contact with the following Logistics Bureau staff:

Regional Planning Consultants Below

Sydney - David Riddle

David Riddle

Tel: +61 417 486 166


Melbourne - John Cole

John Cole

Tel + 61 411 706 726


SE Asia - Colin Airdrie

Colin Airdrie

Tel: +66 819 464 490